Violinist at the Window

A collaboration of love

We were recently offered the distinct honor and pleasure of working on a beautiful piece paying homage to Henri Matisse as well as the passion the glass artist has for her craft.

Ginny Respess sat as First Violin for the Florida Orchestra. A few years ago she began to learn the art form of copper-foiled stained glass. She wanted to create a piece for herself that reflected the love she experienced for her vocation and career – that of a concert violinist. She asked us to help her create a stained glass pattern representing the Henri Matisse self-portrait “Violinist at the Window”. Ginny and Eloyne worked together creating and refining the pattern to their satisfaction. Ginny selected her glass and set off to work.

Not long after she started cutting and shaping the glass it occurred to her that she may be putting herself at risk by using her talented musical hands in an environment where she might injure herself. Despite her desire to create a suitable reflection of her life’s work, she felt the risk to her career warranted caution. Reluctantly Ginny set the project aside.

A few years later she came into the studio and chatted with Eloyne, asking her if she’d be interested in finishing the piece for her. She said she wasn’t able to shake the memory of the piece she started – and all that it represented – and came to ask if we’d help her fulfill her dream. We were only too happy to oblige!

We’re moved by sitting witness to the expression of one’s devotion to their dream; and grateful we were asked to play a small part in the creation of a tangible representation of that dream.