Here’s a quick display of some of the projects we’ve recently completed…

Hospitality Backsplash

Redington Porthole

Snell Isle Master Bath

This beautiful window wall is a perfect accent to this gorgeous new home in the Snell Isle neighborhood of St. Petersburg.

This spectacular window wall retains all the light the homeowners desired while affording them the privacy they needed. A full 72″ x 72″ square, the window fully spans the master tub, seen in the foreground of the final shot.

Flowers for All!

This has been a great project! Sixteen individual copper-foiled panels, each measuring 8.5″ x 12″ coming together into this old pair of window frames, forming this burst of vibrant floral color and joy!

Designed by Eloyne, this project measures a full 41″ x 53″ and is being given as a very special retirement gift.