Mosiacs Classes

This is exciting!

Join our 6 – week Mosaic Class and learn to create stunning mosaic art pieces!  It’s like stepping back in time! Discover and create the art of the ancient Romans.

 In this series of classes you will learn the different types of tesserae ( tile) and design. New to glass? No worries; our program  offers a glass-cutting tutorial where you become familiar with the tools of the trade. We explore the different types of glass tile or tesserae, share the classical mosaic design techniques and provide you with use of all the tools necessary to create your own beautiful mosaic art pieces. You’ll learn about the decorative aspects of various forms of glass such art sheet glass, glass rods, stringers & noodles, iridescent and dichroic glass. Learn mosaic andamento or the visual flow of mosaics.

During the course of the class students will learn the techniques of Opus Musivum, Opus Paladanium, Opus Regulatum, Opus Sectile, Opus Tesselatum and Opus Vermiculatum. Students will begin a glass project using one or a combination of the techniques learned. We encourage you to work at home on your projects during the week. Additional Membership time or Studio Time is also available.

Base glass, accessory glass and supplies at additional cost.

Unless otherwise noted, you must be at least 16 years old to participate in this class. Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is also enrolled in the same class.