Finding Inspiration

by Bradley

About the Author

Bradley Erickson is an Owner/Operator of Grand Central Stained Glass,  serving the Tampa Bay area for nine years. He has been involved in the craft with his wife Eloyne  for over ten; and provides IT, graphic design, marketing/advertising and instructional support. He develops and maintains our online presence including our website, Facebook Page and Twitter account.

Ever find yourself looking for some quick inspiration? I have. I don’t like how I feel when I realize my creative tank is near empty and I have a creative assignment looming. Not fun. At all.

I’ve found there are different ways for me to become inspired or re-inspired.
The most reliable way is to go where creativity is on display. To me, ‘on display’ means online, walking the streets of the community, going out to the beach or a park, sometimes visiting a museum or art show. I like going to local art & craft fairs. They’re brimming with life, positive energy, and creativity.

I must confess, however, sometimes I can fall into the trap of the poor fish searching for the water he’s been swimming in his whole life!

However, sometimes I’m more successful in becoming ‘filled up’ once again when I focus on the moment and let my preoccupations slip away. Seems paradoxical, right?

Finally – when all else fails,  I screw up my nerve and simply start. I start doing something. It always begins horribly. Always. I find it such an unsatisfying struggle. However, after a bit, I often seem to lose myself and my fear, my judgment, my analytical mind and find (often after-the-fact) that I somehow had melted into the process of creating. I still don’t know what will come of the work, but now I don’t seem to care so much. During these times I’m left to wonder about the invisible hands at work on my behalf.

As you’re reading this online let me give you a few places I’ve found helpful. When I visit these sites and/or pages I’m not really trying to find any certain ‘perfect solution’, rather just trying to get the tinder of my mind to send up a few sparks. So, take a peek…

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